13 Special People All Unique In Their Own Way

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Our world is a big place and all kind of people live inside it. Stopping on a crowded street and looking at people passing by is enough to give a glimpse at the variety imposed by both the genes and the environment. But variation can reach extremes once you go beyond the scenes, or more exactly on the scene which puts strange people on display.

 Holders of unique records in terms of the human body, or just eccentrics which took their obsession too far, they can captivate your imagination or stimulate fear. We are not here to judge and we definitely are mature enough to look at those very different than us without expressing hate or ridicule. As some of this men and women are just victim to rare medical conditions, we can just increase our awareness towards what can go wrong. Answering why it goes wrong only with few is impossible to answer.

Records are made to be broken and we are quite far from reaching impossible limits. The Guinness World Records Book is constantly updating its pages, seeking for someone who went beyond previously established landmarks.

1. Rolf Buchholz


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