13 Special People All Unique In Their Own Way

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2. Paul Karason

Paul’s skin turned blue after he self medicated against skin disease, dermatitis. Paul died in September, 2013. He was 62 years old.Called by many Papa Smurf, due to his uncanny resemblance with the animation character, Paul Karason had a very good reason to explain the strange pigmentation of his skin. Silver was used for a long time for his special properties, especially for fighting infections, but there is an important side effect of using silver as an alternative remedy.

The same effect which renders color in photography processing had taken place at each cell level in Paul’s skin.  The medical condition, called argyria, is a cumulative one, with no possibility of going away. Although the change brought stigma and isolation in Paul’s personal life, the Internet quickly gave him the status of a star and triggered an obsession for his case.


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