15 Reasons You Should NEVER Travel to the Netherlands

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So, you think you?d like to go check out the Netherlands, do you? Your friends have taken vacations there and have come back to tell you how awesome it is. Well, we?ve got news for you: They?re lying to you. There?s absolutely no good reason that you or anyone else should ever travel to the Netherlands for anything, not even for business, but most especially for a vacation. What?s that? You don?t believe us? You?d prefer to believe your friends and travel bloggers instead? Fine, we?ll prove it to you. Check out these 15 reasons that you should absolutely never travel to the Netherlands!




1. Culture. Who Needs It?

The absolutely last thing that you ever want to encounter when you?re on a vacation is a new, vibrant culture! The unfamiliar can be frightening, and it?s much better if you?re surrounded by the people, language, art, music, and environments that you?re already accustomed to. There?s simply too much in the way of new and interesting culture in the Netherlands to contend with. Sounds like work to us!

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