10 Hot Girls Photoshop Fails

1. Bigger is just better There is clearly something wrong in the photo. I am not talking about the girl, which seems brought from a fairy tale into reality. The problem is we are not sure the bust size depicted here matches the reality and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed.  


10 Celebrities Before And After Drugs

Drugs are bad, okay? In case you didn’t already learn that lesson, there are plenty examples around us. Unfortunately we all know someone or we at least heard about someone whose life was ruined because of drugs. Did it pay off? We don’t think so. But there is one category that proves this theory so well, […]


10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Plastic surgery is a popular practice in Hollywood these days. Celebrities try their best to defy the aging process by purchasing procedures such as facelifts and Botox injections. Unfortunately, fixing a botched cosmetic procedure is not as easy as some may think. Therefore, many celebrities have come out of their procedures with frightening results. The […]