No contest, quality of journalism is shrinking too

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crankywoozle 1 point submitted 9 months ago

canada goose outlet uk sale I bough a MSI GT62VR (1070) for about the same Canada Goose Parka price at Microcenter a few weeks ago. It works fine most of the time but there are some annoying issues; canada goose outlet uk sale

Other wise. it decent. No buy canada goose jacket cooling issues. Not sure canada goose coats I go with MSI again though. May return this one if I can duplicate the issues after restoring to factory defaults. which is all MSI support could offer.

canada goose outlet toronto factory toughfluff 54 points submitted 10 months ago canada goose outlet toronto factory

There are/were a canada goose factory sale lot of good journalists. The country is full of universities with undergraduate and graduate journalism programs. Throw a rock and you hit people with journalism aspirations/skills/degrees.

But a significant part of that is people stop paying for news. (Just think, how often you stop when you hit a pay wall. How many people these days even have a digital subscription.) Yeah, guess what, canada goose uk black friday journalists have to eat too. We couldn do 6 12 months of unpaid internship to hold out for contract positions. The only people who could afford to work in journalism cheap Canada Goose are either of privileged background; and the only people who can afford to fund journalism are also people with money (and potentially an agenda to spread.)

canada goose jacket outlet Local newsrooms are shrinking. No contest, quality of journalism is shrinking too. But that doesn mean the talent isn there. It just the funding model has broken profoundly in the last 10 15 years. Printed media is dying, but online media has yet to find a way uk canada goose to pay for itself. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet uk Source: used to be a journalist. canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale uk

canada goose outlet jackets crankywoozle 2 points submitted 10 months ago canada goose outlet jackets

It chicken and egg. I stopped paying for news when the newspapers stopped providing it. Canada Goose sale most of them. Local papers are no longer local. They are consolidated behemoths which regurgitate most of the same crap. 1 2 articles worth reading per Canada Goose Outlet issue in my local paper on a good day. Mostly it a sports fanzine.

official canada goose outlet Then they lost all their ad revenue to the internet. which doesn provide news so much as it provides links to what it thinks/assumes you want to hear. I guess the newspapers did that to some extent also but now, most pretense of “journalistic integrity” seems to have been dropped for click bait bullshit. You have to wade through a ton of canada goose store crap to find actual news and Canada Goose Jackets I not paying for that. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet But I also don want news aggregation algorithms second guessing what I want to be informed about. They unequivocally suck at it and have only gotten worse over the past 10 15 years. canada goose outlet

Here what I personally would pay for.

canada goose outlet parka A subset of a reasonable news site or aggregation site which leaves out all of the celebrity, sports, and completely irrelevant (to me at my location) crime stories, and also doesn lead every science and health story with a cause=correlation, click bait headline. canada goose outlet parka

canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet reviews If you find that, let me know. canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose outlet shop faxtotem 43 points submitted 1 year ago canada canadian goose jacket goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet nyc You jumping the gun a bit. Although this is not the full article, the study almost certainly does not support the title. These were mice, not humans. Who were abiotic (far from the condition of your gut). And the had fear response, which is distinct Canada Goose Online from anxiety disorders. So, it really a leap. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet store uk Yes, it could be that gut microbes affect your brain in this way, but there are many other powerful effects on your mental state, it completely inappropriate to make a root cause connection. canada goose outlet store uk

Also, take heart that you have some control of your gut canada goose black friday sale microbes, too, since you control how they fed.

canada goose outlet in usa ep1032 11 22,006 points submitted 1 year ago canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet sale I spent a lot of time writing this, and it doesn appear to be showing up in the canada goose clearance comments. I try one more time as a top level comment What the TPP actually does and why: canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet new york city I did a couple hours of research a few months ago. The best I could come up with from neutral sources was what I put below. Read all of the bullet points though, because I didn neatly separate this list into pros and cons (if you even can). canada goose outlet canada goose outlet new york city

It canada goose is an absurdly complicated subject, so take everything with a grain of salt.

canada goose factory outlet It would be like NAFTA was for mexico US / Canada, but with a few major differences. canada goose factory outlet

The first major difference, is that instead of canada goose uk outlet targeting trade with Mexico, the point was to target trade with south east asia.

canada goose black friday sale The second major difference was that NAFTA targeted manufacturing jobs (in return for cheaper goods). TPP targeted service level jobs, and was very explicit in uk canada goose outlet which industries for which countries canada goose black friday sale.

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