Summer Style 2016: Stripes!

It’s time to start thinking about your upcoming summer wardrobe! The newest Spring/Summer 2016 collections have appeared on runways all over the world and in different magazines. One of the biggest trends we are currently seeing on the runway is stripes.  Stripes are a pattern that we need to be somewhat careful with when creating […]


Best Tips for Better Skin

  Clear skin is one of those topics where people either have it or they don’t. People with genetically clear skin are blessed not having to worry too heavily about what’s going to make them breakout and what won’t. I happen to fall under the latter with this, there’s never a time where I don’t […]


Summer Style 2016: Statement Sunglasses

Summer 2016 is all about the statement sunglasses. They’re big and they’re flashy! The colors are bright and the frames are playful and over the top! Sunglasses are the perfect accessory if you really want to get noticed and leave a lasting impression. Have fun with these different shapes and styles this summer. 1. Oversized […]


4 Ways to Avoid Razor Burn

Unless you’re really embracing your inner animal, the razor is going to come out sooner or later! Men and women, when we shave we aren’t just removing the hair off of our skin, we’re removing the top layer of skin as well. If you’re shaving more than once or twice a week, you’re probably removing […]


15 of the Most Charitable Celebs

Taylor Swift is one of the most charitable stars in recent years. She’s remained in top spot on the Celebs Gone Good listing by, an honor she’s held since 2012. The young pop star pledged all proceeds from her 2014 hit ‘Welcome to New York’ to public schools in New York City, raising $50,000 […]