Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Makeup

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When you love makeup, it can become almost overwhelming. There are so many different products, colors, and palettes, and tools that eventually you’re overrun with makeup! It can be difficult to organize, but once you have a few simple rules in place, your job can be much less daunting than once thought.






When you’re organizing your makeup, choose a place to store each type of product and really stick with it. Ideally, you can use a small drawer cabinet with clear drawers so you can see what’s in each section. Or use separate containers inside your drawers, so the contents don’t get mixed up.


Drawer Dividers


You can also use simple drawer dividers to create spaces for each type of your products. This is a super cheap and effective option if you don’t have too many products and just want to keep them separate from each other.

Brush Holder


Creating your own brush holder has become a really popular little DIY trick lately! People are putting coffee beans inside candle holders so that they can stand their makeup brushes in them. This clears the clutter off of your counter or your vanity, and you’re able to spot each brush you need.



This is a little bit advanced for the beginner organizer, but you can use magnetic boards in your washroom and apply a small magnet to the back of your makeup compact so that they attach to the wall. Using this method, you can find each product quickly. You could even frame the magnetic board to make it look feminine and chic.



Clear Vanity


If you have a large collection, find a vanity that has a clear top on it so you can see all of your cosmetics inside. Go to a craft store and find clear plastic organization trays to help sort all of your makeup inside the vanity as well. This way you don’t have to rummage blindly inside a drawer trying to find what you’re looking for!

Reuse Boxes


You can use old boxes (and decoupage them) to create new makeup holders. The nice thing about this is you can customize the shape, depth, and dimensions to whatever you have inside your makeup collection. Of course, this one is definitely for the craftier people out there! But if you put the effort in you’ll have a perfect makeup container!



Mason Jars


Spice up the traditional mason jar by painting them to match your décor. Gold is a great way to add a little class to your bathroom, and it pretty much matches anything. You could use this trick for everything in your washroom, from face creams to potpourri, as well as on your vanity.

Hanging Organizer


You can purchase hanging organizers at most home décor stores, and they are a great way of creating an organized cosmetic collection while being super space efficient. This is a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space at home, as you can hang it on the back of your bathroom door.